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Certification procedure of imported products

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If you are going to import any product to Russia, a question must be asked: what certificates will you need? What to start with?

First thing to do – is to find out Custom’s code CN FEA of the product. You may do it yourself or go to a customs broker.

The broker will assign and agree the Code with customs authorities. When you have a correct Code you will know which documents are necessary. You will be able to define easily by yourself what type of compliance document you must get to import production: a certificate of compliance, declaration of compliance or State registration. Usually once the code CN FEA is assigned this information is provided to the customer by the customs authorities.

It is also necessary to check if the production is in “The list of products subject to mandatory certification in accord with the GOST R system”. If it is in the list, then a certificate of conformity is required. If it is not – then check the list of products subject to mandatory declaration or State registration.

If the production is not found in any of them, it may fall under the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union.

Now, you identified that your product needs certificate you may start a certification process.

Usually there are two certification schemes:

  1. A certificate or declaration of conformance is issued to the Russian company-recipient. In this case the name of Russian company, the name of manufacturer and number and data of the Contract will be specified in the certificate. International Contract is usually bilingual and produced in English and Russian, for example. A certificate issued in accord with this scheme will be valid up to one year. A declaration issued in accord with this scheme typically run for a period of one to three years.
  2. A certificate is issued to the foreign manufacturer. This scheme is also popular because the customer and the Contract are not important and never mentioned in the certificate. It is convenient if there are several customers or each delivery comes with a separate Contract. In this case it is not necessary to renew approval documentation each time the product is imported to Russia. It is important to know that only the Certification Body that issued the certificate can certify its copies.

Pay attention that for foreign manufacturer certification is the only option. In accord with current legislation only Russian companies can get a declaration.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate for foreign products

While you have selected the certification scheme, you may start a certification process, which consist of two steps:

  1. Application is to be completed and copies of the Contract (only for declaration), the INN and OGRN certificates and production specification should be attached.  

Certification Body will calculate of certification cost and invoice the customer. After confirming the payment, the certification starts. A draft of the certificate or declaration will be provided for verification and when it is checked the original certificate or declaration will be issued.

Читать эту страницу на русском языке: Сертификация импортной продукции

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