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22.5. Certification Scheme 5c

22.5.1. 5c scheme involves the following procedures:

-   Applicant submits application to product certification body for conducting certification with accompanying technical documentation;

-   examination of application and making decision by the certification body on certification of products;

-  certification body examines the project;

-  certification body analyses the production conditions

-    product certification body summarizes the results of examination of the project and analysis of production condition and issues a certificate of conformity to Applicant;

-  common circulation mark to be applied;

-  inspection control over the certified products.

22.5.2.    Applicant shall take all necessary measures to make the manufacturing process stable and ensures compliance of manufactured products with the technical regulations requirements, forms technical documentation and submits the application for certification of its products to one of the product certification bodies that accredits this type of product.

22.5.3.   Certification body informs Applicant on decision on the application that contains the conditions for conducted certification.

22.5.4.    Certification body shall conduct analysis of the product project by analyzing technical documentation under which the product is manufactured, results of conducted calculations, texts of trial samples of product.

Product project analysis results shall be indicated in the conclusion where the certification body assesses compliance of the product project with the established requirements.

22.5.5.   Analysis of Applicant’s production condition shall be conducted by certification body. Results of the analysis shall be registered in the act.

22.5.6.    At positive results of product project analysis and analysis of the production condition, the certification body shall prepare a certificate of conformity and issue it to Applicant.

22.5.7.  Applicant shall apply a common circulation mark, unless otherwise Established in the technical regulations.

22.5.8.    Certification body shall conduct inspection control over the certified products during the term of the certificate of conformity by testing product samples in the accredited testing laboratory and carrying out (or) analysis of production conditions. At positive results of the inspection control, the validity of certificate of conformity is deemed to be confirmed and this fact is indicated in the act of inspection control. At negative results of inspection control, the product certification body shall takes one of the following decisions:

- suspend validity of the certificate of conformity; - cancel validity of the certificate of conformity.

Decisions taken by the product certification body shall be made known to Applicant. Product certification body shall make appropriate records in the Unified Register of Issued

Certificates of Conformity and Registered Declarations of Conformity of a Common Form.

22.1.9.  When making changes to the design (composition) of products or

its production technology, which may affect the conformity of product with requirements of the technical regulations, Applicant in writing and in advance notifies the products certification body, which decides on the need for new tests and (or) the analysis of the production condition.