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22.9. Certification Scheme 9c

22.9.1. Scheme 9c involves the following procedures:

- Applicant submits application to product certification body for conducting certification with accompanying technical documentation, which on a mandatory basis shall include:

information on conducted examination;

test reports from the manufacturer or accredited testing laboratory;

certificate of conformity for accessory materials and components or test reports (if any); certificates for quality management system (if any);

documents confirming compliance of given products with requirements of appropriate technical regulations issued by foreign certification bodies;

other documents, directly or indirectly confirming compliance of products with the requirements.

certification body examines application and makes decision on conducting product certification;

certification body conducts and summarizes the results of analysis of technical documentation and issues certificate of conformity to the Applicant;

common circulation mark shall be applied.

22.9.2.     Applicant shall take all necessary measures to ensure the stability of the management system functioning and production conditions for manufacturing products complying with requirements of technical regulations, forms the technical

documentation and submits application for certification of its products to one of product certification bodies that is accredited for the given type of product.

22.9.3.   Certification body shall inform the Applicant on taken decision on the application, containing the conditions of certification.

22.9.4.    Certification body shall conduct analysis of technical documentation, results of conducted calculations, product tests and other documents confirming compliance of the product with the established requirements.

Technical documentation analysis results shall be presented in the form of conclusion, where the certification body gives assessment of compliance of product to the established requirements.

22.9.5.   At the positive results of the analysis of technical documentation of a product the certification body issues a certificate of conformity and provides it to the applicant.

22.9.6.  Applicant shall apply a common circulation mark, unless otherwise

Established in the technical regulations.

Product certification body shall make appropriate records in the Unified Register of Issued

Certificates of Conformity and Registered Declarations of Conformity of a Common Form. 22.9.7. When making changes to the design (composition) of products or

its production technology, which may affect the conformity of product with requirements of the technical regulations, Applicant in writing and in advance notifies the products certification body, which decides on the need for new tests and (or) the analysis of the production condition