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Section V




Article 23


Information Exchange within the Union



 In order to ensure information support for the integration processes in all spheres affecting the functioning of the Union, measures shall be developed and implemented aimed at ensuring the information exchange using information and communication technologies and the transboundary space of trust within the Union.


 In the implementation of common processes within the Union, information exchange shall be carried out using an integrated information system of the Union supporting the integration of geographically distributed state information resources and information systems of the authorised authorities, as well as information resources and information systems of the Commission.


 In order to ensure efficient cooperation and coordination of public information resources and information systems, the Member States shall conduct agreed policy in the field of electronic communication development and information technologies.


 When using soft hardware and information technologies, the Member States shall ensure the protection of intellectual property used or received in the communication process.


 The fundamental principles of information exchange and its coordination within the Union, as well as the procedures for the creation and




development  of  an  integrated  information  system shall  be  determined  in


accordance with Annex 3 to this Treaty.



Article 24

Official Statistics of the Union



          In order to ensure efficient functioning and development of the Union, official statistics of the Union shall be collected.


          The official statistics of the Union shall be compiled in accordance with the following principles:


1) professional independence;


2) scientific validity and comparability;


3) completeness and accuracy;


4) relevance and timeliness;


5) transparency and accessibility;


6) cost-effectiveness;


7) statistical confidentiality.


          The procedure for compilation and dissemination of official statistics of the Union shall be determined in accordance with Annex 4 to this Treaty.