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Solar Home Lift - MEZUS SOLAR by Mezolift

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Greek company Mezolift is the first company in the world to have created a solar lift for small houses. The solar lift was first presented in September, during the International Expo of Thessaloniki 2011.
Until now, the solar lift is being used in duplex apartments or small blocks of flats with 3 to maximum 4 floors. Its special design makes it ideal to fit even in the smallest of places. The product’s dynamics are subject to evolve and improve. Mezolift aims to create a lift to cover the needs of people living and working in bigger apartment blocks”.
There are many people, who would like to use a solar lifts today. Solar lifts are the lifts of the future and can save a lot of money and energy. Mezolift is going to use all the experience that the first solar lift has offered and make many steps further into this technology.


Technical features and basic advantages:
  1. It consumes 80% less energy than common lifts
  2. It works with 2 photovoltaic panels and 2 rechargeable batteries
  3. In cloudy days, it can be used up to 30 times per day and can continue working without charging for 3 days.
  4. It can transfer up to 4 people or 300kg.
  5. No danger of being trapped inside it due to batteries’ energy.
  6. It does not need a machine room.
  7. It is a 100% environmental friendly lift.
  8. It can give electrical power for other uses when emergency.


В случае энергетического сбоя энергия с дополнительных батарей может использоваться не только для питания лифта, но и как источник питания для других электрических приборов.


Читать эту страницу на русском языке: Mezolift - лифт на солнечных батарейках

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